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Bridal Letter

Bride Scripts & Letter

Bridal Survey

Bridal Brochure

Bridal Pinked Card Inserts (Publisher)

Bridal Booking

Bridal Postcard

Camera Ready Tips

Emergency Kit

Essentials for Elegance

Bridal Session Tips


Valentine's Day

$10 Gift Card

$25 Gift Card

Pillow Gift

Wish List



Back to School Sale

Nurses Day Gift Certificate

Mother's Day Gift Certificate

Teacher's Day Gift Certificate



Snowman Wrapper

Let It Snow

Holiday Plan of Action

Christmas Profit Plan

Booking Quick To Be Held Events

Holiday Coffee Booking

Holiday Coffee Open House

Outside Order Form

Silent Hostess Program flyer


Silent Hostess Overview Summary Instructions

Top 10 Reasons-Christmas

10 reasons to work your MK business

12 Days of Christmas Man of the Year Directions

Gift Tags for 12 Days of Christmas - poems written

Gift Tags for 12 Days of Christmas-write your own

Holiday Strategy

Booking Script of Holiday Party

Extra Cash for Holiday

Holiday Recruiting Postcard

How to prep for Holiday Makeover Party

Holiday Party Notecards

Holiday Wish List

Who do you know and closing questions

Lip Savers Tag


Holiday Open House Tags

Most of these are in Word

Adopt a Mom

Cocoa & Cream

Coffee & Cream

Coffee Break

Cupcake with Lip Balm

Fancy Footwork

Foot Notes

Gas Gloves

Generic Tags

Guardian Angel Hands

Helping Hands

I Am So Grateful For You

Let It Snow

Pillow Gift

Scented Wrap

Snowman Wrapper

Snowman Soup

Sooth Smooth

Soothing Eyes

Soothing Saucer

Sweet Feet

Take the Chill Off

Teacher Thank You | PDF

Thanks a Latte

Toasty Toes

We Whisk You A Merry Christmas

You Deserve a Hand